1. The goal is to eat all coloured ball. It's not so simple: you must gain the same color of the ball you want eat.
  2. To change the color of your avatar you nust collide with the coloured box (diseeminated in the game area).
  3. When the avatar touch a coloured box, this one will disappear and you'll gain the same color.
  4. To complete a schema, you have to eat all balls before the time ending (there is a timer on top left).
  5. When a ball is eat, the time increase of 10 seconds. The remaining time is add to next schema.
  6. You loose the game when the time is finished.

On the game area there are also:
  1. some meteors, if you collide with them 5 seconds are lost
  2. a yellow star that teleport the coloured boxes when collides with them

  • on desktop: simply use left click on mouse to select the point your avatar must join or use W,A,S,D keys
  • on mobile you can choose 2 different way of play:
    1. use the virtual joystick on the left of the game area (is an experimental gameplay)
    2. use your finger to tap on the screen and you'll define the point that your hero must try to reach

  1. Musics:
  2. Graphics

MAKE ATTENTION: the score is saved on the local storage (you need an HTML5 browser), if you delete the browser's cache you'll lost the score!!!